New Modest plugin system. Anyone willing to implement RSS support?

As Quim announced yesterday, the Beta release of Maemo5 SDK has been released.

It includes our beloved Modest, which goes back to the opensource development. It’s been migrated to GIT, and you can see and track the development of the project from now on, but also browse the history of the project. See more about all of this in Modest Garage project webpage.

One very interesting new feature you’ll get with Modest is the new plugin system. The protocols code has been refactored, to allow extending Modest to support new protocols, in addition to the ones supported in standard Modest (IMAP, SMTP and POP3). And this has been exposed through a plugin API.

What you can do with this is adding plugins adding support in Modest for RSS, NNTP, etc. Just imagine the kind of mail server you would like to see in Modest!

We’ve added to the new created Modest development wiki some information about Modest Plugin development.

One final note. This plugin API is still not assuming an API/ABI stability, but this is our goal. Bad thing is you’ll need to keep your development in sync with Modest (at least for now). Good thing is that you can still contribute or request changes to the plugin API, and this won’t be a hell.

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