Gtk 3.0 and beyond. Team requirements

The 3.0 approach of “no new functionality”, only wiping out weird stuff is good. But I have some concerns on the timing for the plan. If 3.0 is simply wiping old stuff out then, why should we wait to next Spring to finish this? Or, once we have it stabilised, why 1 more year of development to get new features? The total gap of 2 years is reeeeeeally long. Can we go faster?
I see the community has the will to make Gtk better, soon, but the problem seems to be that the community doesn’t have resources for this. So, in parallel with the implementation plan for Gtk 3.0, we may think about a organization plans for 3.x or for 2010. Do we want to make Gtk grow faster, better? Is current Gtk+ core team big enough for what we need?

Currently the list of core developers in Gtk+ as you can seen in the web page has 10 members. A goal would be something like this: let’s have 20 developers that deserve been in that list in 2010.

But getting people trained and productive so they deserve getting a core responsibility is hard and slow. Do we want Gtk+ grow healthier, faster, safer, with more quality? Don’t we feel that the current  core team members are heroes that can miraclously maintain and grow Gtk+ because they are really good doing their work? Can we help them? Any effort on growing the core team will take a while, so we should take this seriosly soon if we want results in a reasonable schedule.