First jhbuild buildbot prototypes online

Yesterday I’ve deployed my jhbuild buildbot prototypes:

Code coverage measure consists on counting the portion of code being executed by a set of tests. It gives a quantitative measure of the paths of code covered by our tests, and it’s specially useful for unit testing. One of the purposes of Gnome Build Brigade is adding this kind of measures to the continuous integration loop. This way, we can encourage developers to increase their marks, or even make parallel teams add new tests to the core libraries of Gnome. This would make Gnome more reliable, I think.

Then, if you want to polish your library or project, please add some pretty tests. If you want help on Check, just contact us in #build-brigade gnome irc channel. Better quality in Gnome deserves this!

PS: it seems the link to Iago Toral’s test is not working (Bonsai seems to get in troubles when a module has some symbols like +). You can get the source of the tests in our CVS (CVSROOT MODULE gtk+).

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