Jhbuild + buildbot

This week I’ve been playing a bit with buildbot, in order to complete my hack to get gnome jhbuild integrated with it. And it’s running now. I’ve uploaded a patch to buildbot project webpage (buildbot jhbuild support patch in sf).

The ideas of the patch are the following:

  • Each module in a jhbuild module set gets a factory
  • The factory can be used to get builders in many slaves. Then we’ll get a builder for each factor and slave.
  • An scheduler for each builder. In my case the first module uses a Periodic scheduler, and the others are Serial depending on the previous module.

I added an example of a configuration file for buildbot master to get this working. Now I’m running gnome jhbuild in my machine. Saddenly the UI of buildbot does not scale very well for large sets of modules :(.

A capture here:


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