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Sun 2013/Dec/08

And here we are, victims of our love and commitment with the web, GNOME, and WebKit, gathered in the most beautiful city of A Coruña, for what is the fifth edition of the always productive and joyful WebKitGTK+ hackfest.

This year the crowd has reached the unprecedent number of 30 people, which makes it for the largest hackfest to date. Not everyone has arrived yet, but day one has already seen some fruitful discussions on what should be tackled, and I hear that tortillas and tapas are on the way. Since I am a gossiper, I will advance you that it is very likely that we will see progress towards multiple web processes in WebKitGTK+/GNOME Web and even a network process; as well as pretty neat improvements to the UI of our cherished browser; and very possibly many more things of which I hope my dear hackmates will write about.

Hackers at the WebKitGTK+ hackfest 2013

Given that I don't intend to allow an extensive account of the happenings in northern Galicia to become a distraction to what should actually be an extensive and exhaustive patch review session, I will instead close this post by thanking the GNOME Foundation and Igalia for making, once again, this hackfest possible. For further updates, stay tuned to Planet GNOME and the @WebKitGTK twitter account.

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Sun 2013/Dec/08 14:01:18 +0100