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Sat 2010/Feb/27
Wed 2010/Feb/17
  • By the end of January, I started to feel an annoying pain in my right hand, starting somewhere in the thumb and moving through the wrist on to the arm. Pain was mild, but enough to scare me, so I made a visit to the doctor (when I finally discovered that terveysasema was the word I was looking for).

    The doctor at the Finnish health center diagnosed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Something that I didn't really believe in the first place, since she didn't run any specific tests and just checked the inflammation and my story. Also, it is known that CTS is usually misdiagnosed to people with this type of pain and coming from the IT industry.

    Later, I made a new visit to the doctor while I was in A Coruña, who after performing a few basic tests came to the conclusion that it wasn't CTS at all, but some sort of Repetitive Stress Injury. A couple of weeks in a sick leave, away from the keyboard, the phone, and guitar, and I should be fine.

    These weeks were pretty frustrating on the one hand [1], but on the other hand gave me some time I needed for some tasks more related to my personal life, so in the end it wasn't so bad.

    Now pain is mostly gone, and I've changed the way I type to something less stressful. I still need to get used to this and get back to speed with my work.

    [1] no pun intended.

  • FOSDEM was really cool. It was a good motivation to stay away from the laptop for several days and allow the hand to rest. Talks were as cool as one can imagine, I met many of the good old friends and made a few new ones. But anyway, isn't that the usual thing at conferences?

    I guess it's better, as usual, to let the pictures speak.


  • It's been an unusually snowy winter in southern Finland. As a proof of the spring coming soonish, it's already possible to see bicycles starting to bloom in the snow fields:

    That much snow

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