Claudio Saavedra

Who am I?

I'm a Computer Engineer working at Igalia since May 2008. Originally from Chile, I have lived in Helsinki most of my adult life.

Igalia is a once Galician, but now world-distributed company specialized in the development of Free Software technologies. We do cool stuff for the Web, embedded and multimedia devices, low-level networking solutions, and a lot more.

I co-maintained GNOME Web (Epiphany) together with Xan Lopez, one of my fellow Igalians, and later Michael Catanzaro and Carlos García Campos, who took over the project around 2016. Until 2012 I was co-maintainer of the Eye of GNOME Image Viewer, for the GNOME Desktop, together with Felix Riemann and Lucas Rocha.

I wrote mafw-lastfm, a scrobbler for Maemo devices like the Nokia N900.

From 2005 or so, I contribute to the development of the GNOME desktop, with patches here and there. I'm a GNOME Foundation member.

In 2004 (or so) I took over gyrus, a small application to help IMAP server administrators to make their lifes a little less script-dependent, originally authored by Alejandro Valdés and Jorge Bustos from the Universidad de Talca. This project served as my introduction to Free Software and the GNOME community and by now pretty much history.

I studied in the Facultad de Ingeniería of Universidad de Talca, and also visited between 2005-2006 the Fakultät Informatik at the Technische Universität Dresden, thanks to a scholarship from the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst.

I'm a lousy photographer but, sometimes, I manage to do something decent. I'm a bit of an avid reader, and if you want to help my reading needs and earn a special place in my heart, you can get me one of the books from this wishlist. I rate movies. Sometimes I write, but I don't publish what I write. I do have a boring diary, here.

I am in Flickr,, goodreads, Ohloh, and LinkedIn. I used to be also in and Advogato, but I'm not sure it matters anymore.

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