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Recent talks at GUADEC and NodeConf

Over the summer and now going into autumn, Igalia compilers team members have been presenting talks at various venues about JavaScript and web engines. Today we'd like to share with you two of those talks that you can watch online.

First, Philip Chimento gave a talk titled "What's new with JavaScript in GNOME: The 2021 edition" at GUADEC 2021 about GNOME's integrated JavaScript engine GJS. This is part of a series of talks about JavaScript in GNOME that Philip has been giving at GUADEC for a number of years.

You can watch it on Youtube here and the slides for the talk are available here.

Second, Romulo Cintra gave a talk at NodeConf Remote 2021 titled "IPFS - InterPlanetary File System with Node.js". In this talk, Romulo introduces IPFS: a new distributed file system protocol for sharing files and media in a peer-to-peer fashion. Romulo also talks about some of the efforts to bring this to the web (https://arewedistributedyet.com/) and goes over how IPFS can be used with Node.js.

You can watch Romulo's talk on YouTube as well by going here.

The slides for the talk are available here or you can even use IPFS to download it: ipfs://QmQCZaHJBZVFncftY8YGsS3BEbgA9Pu6B3JT4gdE7EhELD