San Pancracio 41 – Cherokee 40

Nerves and Responsibility

We are now at the end of the league, and we had to play against Cherokee. It was a very important game because they are in the second place and we are in the fourth. They were also motivated because in the fisrt round we won in a too easy game

The last sunday, during the training, I hurt two fingers of my left hand. I was very angry, I wanted to play against Cherokee and there was a lot of pain in my fingers. So, I decided to be very careful and bandage my fingers. I also didn’t train in the gym this week. Finally on Saturday I didn’t know if I was going to play. I decided to test myself during the training previous to the game. And yeah!, I felt I could play, with a bit of bandage in my fingers I felt no pain 🙂

Since the first minutes of the game I noticed it was to be a great game. We did an individual defense in the whole game, specially against Jimmy, the best player of Cherokee. And this strategy seemed to work, at least to achive going equal in the scoreboard.

We were losing for 1 point and there was almost no time, then I forced a foul so I had two free throws. I didn’t know neither the scoreboard nor the time, so everybody were more nervous than I was. If I scored the two shots we won the game. I don’t want to think what might have happened if I don’t score any of the shots. Finally I scored only one of them. Ok we didn’t win, but we had now a prorogation.

Five minutes more, without stopping the time and with the same fouls of the fourth quater. So, both teams were in bonus, every foul is punished by 2 free throws. I can’t believe it, at the end of the prorogation we were in the same situation!!. San Pancracio 39 – Cherokee 40, there is no time, and I am in the free throw line. And again, I didn’t know those data. This time I scored the two shots and we won!! It was very exciting, it seemed that we had won the champions league final 🙂

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