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GUADEC’2010 talks about Grilo

Thanks to Flumotion, you can access and view the awesome talks that happened at GUADEC 2010.

I have got those related with Grilo, and put them here. Besides the original WebM format videos, I provide also Theora version (in lower quality, intended to those who can not play WebM yet), and the slides too.

The first is a complete talk about Grilo: what is Grilo, what provides, and some of its features.

The second one is a 5 minutes lightning talk, about using Grilo to create a daemon that is able to provide content to other clients through DBus.

The thid one, is also a 5 minutes lightning talk, that explains the port of Grilo to Maemo 5, and how it was used to add more multimedia sources to N900‘s Mediaplayer.

Enjoy them!


mafw-gst-eq-renderer 0.2.2010.07-2-1 released

After Nokia releasing PR1.2 firmware for N900, I’ve updated mafw-gst-eq-renderer so it can be installed with that firmware.

Issues with mafw-gst-eq-renderer

Some people have reported problems with this renderer, mainly related with glitches and even sound that is stopped for a while when more applications than Mediaplayer are opened.

Unfortunately, equalizer elements seems to require quite a lot of CPU. I guess as gstreamer’s equalizer element is not a key element in Maemo, very likely it is not optimized.

Thus, if you become tired of those glitches, I suggest to not install this element. This is one of the reasons why I did not put mafw-gst-eq-renderer on extras-devel.


And finally, we got it! SeriesFinale for Diablo in sync with Fremantle

After merging changes from SeriesFinale v0.4 for Fremantle, it’s a pleasure to announce SeriesFinale v0.4 for Diablo. This way, both Fremantle and Diablo versions have the same features.

Even the colors that v0.3.6 added in Fremantle but were not added in Diablo have been added too.

I thank Joaquim for this veeery cool application, probably one of the most used applications in my case.


SeriesFinale for Diablo, v0.3.6

Damn! While I was working on the port of SeriesFinale v0.3.6 from Fremantle to Diablo, hoping to reach the upstream version of it, Joaquim announced SeriesFinale v0.4. Well, do not worry. I’m just one step back to reach him :).

What will you find in this new release? Almost the same as in Fremantle version, except the cool colors Joaquim added. Main reason is that he is using a feature in Fremantle that is not available in Diablo. Actually, a minor issue, as remaining features have been ported.


SeriesFinale for Diablo, v0.3

Promises are debts, so I’ve been working on SeriesFinale for Diablo in order to finalize all features that I left unported in previous version.

So I’m happy to announce that SeriesFinale for Diablo reaches version 0.3.

Besides finalizing the port, this version also integrates all features that Joaquim provided to SeriesFinale for Fremantle v0.3.

I’ve uploaded the new version to Maemo Extras Devel, so if you have it in your repository catalogue, you’ll find SeriesFinale in the Application Manager.

Now, only a step remains to reach the head of SeriesFinale for Fremantle o/


Bringing SeriesFinale to Hell

So finally we have brought SeriesFinale to Hell Diablo.

Some months ago I began a port of SeriesFinale to Diablo (Maemo 4), the software that rules Nokia N8x0 series. Working on it every now and then, finally I have achieved a first version which has everything I was using from Fremantle version.

After talking with Joaquim, the original author (and also my workmate), we decided to put this port as a branch in official repository.

What will you find in this port version?

  • It is based on SeriesFinale v0.2.1
  • Some features have not been ported yet. For instance, adding series manually or edit information about episodes is not ported yet, and thus are disabled.
  • It is a multi-window application. Yes, in order to keep as much the same code as original version as possible, I ended up in a multi-window application: browsing through shows, seasons, and so on is opening different windows. Going back is as simply as closing the opened window. I know it is ugly, but my main goal was to have a functional version running in Diablo. And it does, indeed! ;-)

I expect to integrate new changes in Fremantle version, and also to implement all features that remain unported.

Regarding the multiple windows issue, I need to evaluate if it is worth to change it and use just one window with some browsing widget. The main point here is that whatever I do, it should make easy to integrate new features from Fremantle version. After all, Fremantle version is the “official” one :)