Modest! Time for feedback

It’s been a lot of work. But Modest first beta is finally here. For Chinook/OS2008 users, it’s easily available:

Direct install icon

You can read more details on the release in the blogs of other Modest developers: Dirk-Jan, Philip, and my workmates at Igalia Sergio, and Berto.

But I want to highlight here that Modest is Beta. Not in the sense of “huh, don’t blame us if it fails”, but the opposite. Just blame us, cry, shout. We want to make sure Modest is better and better, and we just need you write good bug reports, so that we can work on them.

Bug aggregation

Bug reports should go to Maemo Bugzilla. Section Communications/Modest. We’re willing to know your problems, and/or enhancement requests.

See you in bugzilla!

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