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My name is Alberto Garcia and this is my blog at Igalia, the company I co-founded and where I’ve been working since I left university.

I was born in this beautiful place in the late 70s. I love walking by the sea and swimming at the beach in the summertime. I love going out with friends too, and I also like cinema very much.

One of my main hobbies is computer science. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (I still own three different models), with which I learnt programming (and played a lot) in the early 90s. Some years later I got a PC and knew about free software while studying computer science at the Corunha University. I’m a Debian GNU/Linux user since then.

My other main hobby is listening to music. I usually prefer pop music, but sometimes I like to switch to other styles, such as folk, electronic, punk, singer-songwriter, noise/industrial, bossanova and more. I love live music too, and I go to several concerts a year. The title of this weblog is related to one of the many bands I like. Which one? Well… it’s very easy to find out, so this is an exercise left to the reader 😉

Finally, you can check my personal webpage. There you’ll find my contact information and some software.

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